Jihadists Responsible For Death Of Four Soldiers From Our Troops – Malian Army

by on August 28, 2020

The Army in Mali are pointing accusing fingers on Jidahists for the death of four of their troop members, and injury sustained by 12, who were ambushed in central Mali.

The Army revealed that it was the second time they have fallen in the trap laid by Jihadists since they took over power in August 18, adding that their troops were ambushed by jihadists.

The ambush was executed between Douentza and Konna, close to Mopti neighboring town.

The Army lost four of its soldiers on the scene as their vehicle got hit by a bomb.

The area where the incident ensued is known to be characterized violently by ethnicity and other beliefs. Since the Jihadists revolt, central Mali has since became a no go zone due to frequent killings happening there.

Malian army also divulged that the attack damaged lots of their equipment, and can also not ascertain as at now if there was damage or casualty suffered by their attackers.

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