Join, Join and the illegality of Join Johnny

by on March 31, 2016

With so many funny and annoying things happening in quick succession in Nigeria, from economic problems to a Spiderman web looking “Pight against kwaraption”, fuel scarcity, naira depreciation, trigger happy soldiers, job cuts, Boko Haram, anti-social media bill, Biafra protest, disregard for court orders, inconclusive elections, Zaria massacre, etc, it is the alleged plot by the Buhari led federal government to covertly enlist Nigeria into an Islamic alliance that I have thought is worth sharing a thought on today.

First and foremost, I would like to state that constitutionally it is not even worth considering because a particular section of our constitution clearly states Nigeria as a secular state religious wise. And by secular state, the constitution means SECULAR!. Registering Nigeria to any international religious group by the number one citizen of the country who should know or be advised better, smacks of a flagrant disregard for the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and a slap on the sensitivity of other religious groups in the country. In saner climes, that is an impeachable offence.

Now moving away from the legal and constitutional abracadabra of the subject matter, I would like to know the economic importance of that alliance which I hear is about sending troops and financial support to the fight against the ISIS would be to us. The questions raised are; Can we afford and sustain battles at multiple fronts given our current economic state where our naira isn’t worth more than newspaper cuttings with as much as 260 of it needed to get an American dollar? Have we been able to quell our problems of insecurity domestically? With Boko Haram killing soldiers and civilians in huge numbers, burning villages and sacking communities, kidnapping women and children and committing all types of unprintable crimes in the name of a religion they know nothing about. Have we been able to unite a nation torn along Nigerian and Biafran lines? What about our regional Multi-National Joint Task Force? Have we seen to it that it succeeds?. Or are we just another globe trotting giant joining any open organization whether or not it is legal or economical for us to do so. Don’t we have to much problems of our own already?.

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What moral grounds has the rest of the world to ask Africa for help?. Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Niger and other African countries have been battling with insurgency for a while now, what did the world do for them as regards their struggles with these faceless killers? A big NOTHING!!!. Allowing millions of innocent people to die while refusing to sell the various governments arms under the guise of perceived human right abuses.

What did the world do when Ebola visited and plagued Africa?, they watched from afar with their borders closed to the countries affected. I am not saying Africa should be spoon fed, all I am saying is, we should not carry those who take us as a pinch of salt like they are big bags of whatever. Buhari and other African leaders should wake up and smell the coffee!.

I would like to remind Mr president that Nigeria, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Togo, and every other African country listed in the alleged alliance are third world, under developed and economically unstable nations compared to Saudi Arabia that can conveniently sell crude at $20 per barrel and still stay economically stable. These countries including Nigeria have already been reduced to almost nothing by years of civil wars, communal clashes, insurgency, outbreak of deadly diseases, militancy, corruption, piracy and coups which your changed self know one or two about in your military days. No matter how strongly you feel like joining that alliance (since I would give you the benefit of the doubt that WE have NOT joined), it is illegal constitutionally and a rape on our scarce resources economically.

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Lastly Nigerians would love to see Mr president prove his detractors wrong for alleging that he would islamize Nigeria during the campaign days by doing the right thing. He MAY not have the ambitions of running again for office in 2019, but when Nigerians discovers that the APC has a knack for breaking campaign promises, it might put his party in bad light. Nigerians I believe asked for change. A change in the way the country is been governed not its secularity.

Written by Ambrose Aaron.


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