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    Mr. Let us pray, please focus on your job all u do is saying opening & closing prayers in exco meeting & now u’ve step so low by taken the job of lai the lier. Stop the blame game and start working.

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    Comment…by the grace of GOD nigeria will become great.but mr vise president stop condemning the past administration for not creating any road while u also havn’t done so n ur time has started moving slowly like the past administration or hav u 4goting wat d english man said: that a forest started 4rm a tree

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    Well said, Mr Tare. Osinbajo has removed from himself the cloak of respect people had for him, 1st by condescending to be a deputy to an illiterate, 2nd by allowing party instincts to becloud his sense of judgement and no longer reasoning as a lawyer and professor that he should be.

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    Comment…we have always been told lies that many of us now find it difficult to believe the truth. VP Osibanjo is a man of integrity from all indications, we should encourage and appreciate him.

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    Haba! Pastor thou shall not lie so blatantly unless you have become a politician, that is a very uncharitable and untruthful statement to make, when his own current minister of Power and works and former governor of Lagos Babatunde Raji Fashola was quoted on record commending the previous administration saying and i quote “Jonathan has constructed more roads than any president ever in Nigeria”. Even if their may have
    been overhype on the amount of roads done by the previous administration but the record is still their and visible enough to be seen by everyone even Fashola unless Osibanjo is blind. It is very unfortunate that a Pastor should talk such rubbish and baseless lies to score political point unless offcourse he is now a Politician wearing the clothe of clergy. Another hypocrisy about Osibanjo is that he kept quiet about his kinsman Obasanjo record on roads which is far worse than Jonathans or is OBJ 8 years of misrule and wastage also not a previous government? just because OBJ is his Kinsman and APC? that is HYPOCRISY. I am dissapointed in VP Osibanjo, he has shown himself to be LIAR and a HYPOCRITE. He made a lot through his firms tidying up things for Tinubu in lagos, how do we know if it is entirely legal and not racketeering for a handsome pay. Osibanjo is proving himself to be a politician rather than a Pastor and like Adeboye says, no politician is to be trusted, they are all liars.

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    when will this blame game stop, ur blaming GEJ for the sufferings of the masses in ur administration. when will this government stop comparing itself and destroying the image of the past goverment.
    for u Mr. vp u cannot compare urself wit GEJ, he is a true leader and a democrat, he has won the respect of d world, face ur job & do ur business if u fail , ur comments today will speak against u in shame.

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    Diversify our economy FG (Nigeria has out-grown the stage of mono-economy)!!!

    I was surprised this morning when I heard over the radio that NAFDAC has banned the importation of BEANS.

    I was like… So we were also importing beans when we have it in large quantity in the North which is still untapped and is still being looked down by our “petroleum governments”?, as in we also have foreign beans?

    The fact remains remains that most of these goods are treated before being imported in order to make them last long and we forsake the once we know its source for the once we hardly know anything about.

    Today a little amount of dollar is chasing a briefcase of naira and we are complaining.

    We are indeed the cause of our problems.

    Arise oh compatriots, Nigeria call obey!
    This is a clarion call!!

    The task of making Nigerian economy an enviable one is for us all to carryout and the best time to do that, is now so that the generations yet unborn will not suffer what we are suffering today.
    God bless Nigeria.

    Long live Nigeria
    Long live Africa.


    With Corruption a bag of pure water was N80
    Without Corruption a bag of pure water is N150
    With Corruption dollar was N180
    Without Corruption dollar is N400
    With Corruption I have 20hrs electricity at low tariff
    Without Corruption I have 7hrs electricity
    with 45% increase in tariff
    With Corruption keke to my house takes N50
    Without Corruption keke to my house takes N100
    WithCorruption smallest indomie was N40
    Without Corruption smallest indomie is N60
    The list can go on and on but I just have to end it
    and take a stand……
    #BuharibringbackNigeria . #Bringbacknaira .
    If with Corruption Dollar was N180 and without
    Corruption Dollar is now N425,
    Brother and Sisters, you will agree with me that we
    need corruption in this country…
    Titus Sardine started with 4 fishes, it reduced to 3.
    Then now it’s 2.
    In years to come, you’ll open Sardine and see “Try

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    “The federal government in the past 10 years could not build a single new road, not repairing existing ones alone.”

    Imagine these magnitude of lie coming from a supposed pastor. Could this be the words of an Anti-Christ? Sure! An Anti-Christ in political clothing


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