Jonathan: Nigerians Will Decide Their Leaders

by on December 26, 2014

President Goodluck Jonathan said on Thursday that despite the embarrassing utterances made by certain politicians in the country, Nigerians are the ones to decide who will govern them after the 2015 general polls.
Speaking when he joined worshippers to celebrate Christmas at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Maitama, Abuja, the president declared that Nigeria was nobody’s personal property for any individual to claim he was more qualified than any other person to rule.
He said, “Nigeria is nobody’s personal estate. Nigeria is nobody’s business enterprise. Nigeria is nobody’s father’s property; it belongs to all Nigerians. For us who are looking for various offices, we should just talk about what we can do for Nigerians. You can market yourself but not to sow the seed of discord.
“For a politician to stand up – who is even a Christian – to say that if he fails election, he will form a parallel government, what makes him feel that he must win the election? Even me as a serving president, what makes me feel I must win the election, no matter what I think I am?
He wondered how ridiculous it would appear for a former head of state or president to attend the council of state meeting with the others as well as the incumbent after he had finished abusing them.
“But if we abuse ourselves, kill ourselves to be in office, then who will finish serving and still want to attend the council of state meeting for somebody who probably abused you throughout your life? It is not possible”, he stated.
Noting that nobody was qualified to claim rulership of the country, Jonathan said, “Nigerians will decide who will govern them at the state level, or federal level, state assemblies or the National Assembly in terms of the federal constituencies and the senatorial districts.
“It is not you – who is looking for the office – to think that you are the best person to be there. Are you the most qualified person, even by certificates? Are you telling me your certificate is larger than that of others, or you even have more certificates? It is the choice of the people and the will of God”.

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