JUNE 12 | Emulate MKO Abiola’s Strategy, Embrace Unity – Ofehe

by on June 13, 2017

Benin City — Hope for Niger Delta Campaign (HNDC), a None Governmental Organization in the Netherlands, has urged Nigerians to emulate the politics of Chief MKO Abiola by avoiding comments capable of disintegrating the nation.

The President of the HNDC, Comrade Sunny Ofehe in his statement to commemorate the annulment of the June 12, asserted that the quest to unite the nation through democratic dividends must be paramount rather that hate speeches.

According to the statement, the HNDC, asserted that “honestly, I don’t think Nigeria has learnt all the lessons that should have heralded the annulment of June 12. The only major lesson learnt is the stability of our democracy and the fact that the military have stayed out of power.

 “Despite stability in our democracy, we have not been able restore confidence and decrease the public perception in our current crop of politicians. June 12 was a national sacrifice and those who became the benefactor of June 12 should have managed their position very well. Unfortunately, the politics and politicians have smeared themselves in corruption and abuse of power.

 “The future of Nigeria and her citizens must be paramount and the quest to unite our country through democratic dividend must be their guiding principles and watchword. The outcome of such patriotism must be a clear lesson and message to everyone that those who sacrificed for June 12 didn’t do that in vain.

“Politicians must reach out to people across the nation and find an acceptable strategy like what Chief MKO Abiola did. He was a Muslim but had many Christian friends and supported many Christian humanitarian projects. Even during the campaigns Chief MKO Abiola quoted from the Holy Bible and even recited our Lord’s prayers a couple of times.

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“This action made many Christians to see him as truly representing their faith even though they knew he was a Muslim. We must avoid politics of division and rhetoric’s that divides us by ethnicity and religion. Our diversity must be our strength; this was what June 12 demonstrated. Unfortunately, we lost the chance to consolidate on this strength” it stated.

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