JUST IN: Trump Impeached Over Role Played At US Capitol Riots

by on January 13, 2021

By Onwuka Gerald

The United States (US) House of Representatives has impeached President Donald Trump for role played over the riot that happened at the US Capitol building last week.

Following that, Trump becomes the first president in the United States history to be twice impeached, as well as charged with crimes by Congress.

Donald Trump, a Republican, will now face a trial in the Senate, where if found guilty, could face being prevented from ever holding office again.

Trump is due to leave office on 20 January, after his election defeat in November, 2020 to President-elect Joe Biden.

After several hours of strong debating on Wednesday, the Democratic-controlled House voted.

Ten Republicans resolved with Democrats on the decision to impeach the President Trump.

The document of his impeachment read that, “Mr Trump repeatedly made public false statements explaining that the presidential election results were fraudulent and at such should not be accepted”.

It continued that the President repeated these claims and carelessly made statements to the crowd that incited the lawlessness witnessed at the Capitol, leading to the violence and loss of life.

“Trump put in harms way, the security of the United States and its institutions of government, as well as threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interrupted with the peaceful transition of power, and jeopardized a coequal branch of government”, the article read.

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