JUST IN: Venezuela Gives EU’s Ambassador 72 Hours To Leave The Country

by on June 30, 2020

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro has given the ambassador to the European Union 72 hours to leave the country, hours after the bloc hit several officials loyal to the socialist leader with sanctions.

During a televised appearance on Monday, the Venezuelan president said that the EU “issued a resolution sanctioning Venezuelans who perform functions in the Government of Venezuela.”  

He said: “If they don’t want to respect Venezuela, they should leave. Venezuela deserves respect.

“Enough of European colonialism against Venezuela!  Enough!   We’ll even loan you a plane so you can leave.  If you don’t respect Venezuela, you can leave!”

While scolding EU officials for backing Guaidó, Maduro offered to help the European delegation find a flight out of Venezuela amid the coronavirus pandemic that’s grounded most air travel.  

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