#JusticeForBarakat— Another Rape Victim Identified In Ibadan

by on June 3, 2020

A young woman identified as Barakat Bello was allegedly murdered at her residence in Ibadan yesterday, June 1st. The incident which has sparked angry reactions from Nigerians on various social media platforms, has been tagged as #JusticeforBarakat.

The trend began yesterday following the gruesome murder at her residence in Akinleye, Ibadan after  being raped by an alleged group of armed robbers who as a result stabbed her to death.

Eye witnesses claim the 18 year old Barakat was raped before she was murdered. The incident has sparked massive outrage amongst Nigerians, in the wake of the gruesome rape of Uwaila Omozuwa.

Some well meaning Nigerians have undertaken investigations as to the series of events leading to Barakat’s death.

What Happened To Barakat?

Investigative Journalist Hamid Fatteh Olaniyi narrated that Barakat had resisted the robbery of her parents’ house, being home alone. The criminals then proceeded to rape, strangle and mutilate her.

He said:
“In our quest for #JusticeForBarakat , myself and @OlaTemi2018 met with her parents today at their house located after former Akinyele Kara Market along Old Oyo Road, Ibadan.

Barakat was said to be having her bathe in the bathroom below in the evening when she heard noises emerging from their house. She left the bathroom to check on the cause and saw those who wanted to rob them of their possession.

Upon the sight of her, the perpetrators strangled her, raped and butchered her with machete. Her junior brother came back from Arabic school to see the body of Barakat lying down lifelessly and screamed for help.

She was seen to have been butchered on this exact spot now covered with sand not to expose the amount of blood she lost during this cause. Her body was taken to the Police Station that evening.

The Policemen gave the body out yesterday when they proceeded to bury her according to Islamic rites. The father Mr. Bello said he doesn’t want the issue to be taken up to avoid removing the corpse from it’s place of final rest.

We however assured him that such won’t be needed due to the fact that the Kara Police Station already inspected the body and took pictures of it before she was laid to rest.
I however, call on the necessary stakeholders to ensure Justice is served”.

According to Fatteh, the body of Barakat has been inspected by the police. However, in accordance with Muslim rites, she has been buried and this might prevent further investigations. The Nigerian Police is yet to comment on the incident.

Nigerians have called out several rape apologists who previously justified the act as caused by female provocative dressing, and location.

Social media users are aggrieved at the fact that Barakat was fully dressed, and in her house.

Nigerians React:

“Barakat was an “Hijab sister”. According to multiple reports, Barakat was raped and killed. The bastard who did this is yet to be identified. May he knows no peace until he’s found!! Justice for one, Justice for all!! #JusticeForBarakat”

“What were you wearing?” – she was a hijabi.
“Why did you go there?” – she was around her father’s house
“Why did you go to somewhere you don’t know?” – she was in her neighbourhood
Yet she was raped & murdered! When you rationalize rape, you empower rapists #justiceforbarakat”

“Bello Barakat was an “Hijab sister”, raped and murdered by unknown men at Akinyele area in Ibadan. Y’all fools talking about dressing, what do you have to say now?

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