#JusticeforIZU False Rape Accusation: Accused Takes Life After Finding His Name On List Of Rapists


A young Nigerian man has reportedly committed suicide, after he was accused of rape.

#JusticeForIzu is currently trending on Twitter after a user named Legend Izu Madubueze, took his life when a Twitter influencer named Nanichi Anese published his name and other names as men accused of rape.

BREAKINGTIMES gathered that Izu reached out to Nani and asked to know who he raped but she didn’t have a good answer, instead she claimed the accuser wanted to remain anonymous. She later said the alleged victim said it was a “non physical sexual assault”.

Izu later left a note apologizing though he stated that he doesn’t know what he did or who he hurt that led to him being accused.

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His last tweet was on Friday, July 17, 2020. “Oh and if you’re reading this, I’m dead lol,” it reads.

Nani, his accuser has deactivated her account after Izu’s suicide was made public.

Social media (Twitter) users are demanding Justice for Izu.

Below are tweets, gathered by BREAKINGTIMES:

@von_Bismack: “Say his name.He was a young man with dreams.He died bcus he couldn’t withstand social media mob and their biased mob justice.He is a victim too#justiceforizu”

@LadyGrasha: “The story behind #JusticeforIZU Is a sad one and still hammers what I’ve been saying. It’s important to listen to both sides of a story. An allegation aint enough proof. Of course some ladies don’t agree with me but it’s true. False rape allegations are real and a crime. #ysmang”

@nelsongreyhood: “Please if you are going to be a middle man in fighting rape issues, please kindly do it carefully with enough evidence, instead of chasing clout with it on here take it up for proper investigation.Nani was persistent in not letting izu clear his name #JusticeforIZU”Y

@eomadhebo: “My brother. Rest on. Remembering about those old days at KHS. Sad you had to go this way. We’ll surely meet again. Rest on 🕊💔 @Legend_Izu #Justiceforizu”

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