#JusticeForUwa: Nigerian Police Under Fire For “Irresponsible Behavior”(Video)

by on June 2, 2020

A young lady identified as the sister of murdered rape victim Uwaila Omozuwa in a viral video clip, accused the Police handling the case of corrupt motives, saying “mobilization money” was demanded for before Uwaila’s case could be fully investigated.

The video has naturally drawn widespread condemnation for the Nigerian Police, who are reputed for alleged cases of bribe requests and corruption. The Police are yet to respond to the allegations.

Nigerians Talk About Corruption, Bribery:

“This is how Nigerian police extort the vulnerable and family of the victims.
They did the same to my family when my little sister was raped and murdered in her mother’s house in Akure.
We had to give up when we could no longer meet their financial demands”.— Bunmi Benson.

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“It’s all true. I have a deep disdain for the Nigerian Police. I got stabbed 5 times and they asked my mother for N52,000 “before we can begin investigations”. I will never forget. A few good officers but most are useless”— Shaw King Fisher, Recording Artist.

“Nigerian police said that Uwa’s family should bring mobilization money before they commence investigation but suddenly they have a suspect that was arrested because fingerprints was on the murder weapon? Someone’s father is about to roped with murder just to appease the crowd”.

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“Nigerian police now uses forensics and fingerprint matching with a data base no body knows about and no one registered for.
What an amazing world of lies”

Meanwhile, the Head of Nigeria Police Complaints Response Unit, Abayomi Shogunle has received a tongue lashing, after he commented on the killing of  George  Floyd as a result of police brutality in Minnesota States.

People Responded:

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“There is little you can do about that. Focus on #JusticeForTina”.

“Your tweet sounded like the pot calling the kettle black. A Nigeria Police Officer condemning police brutality that happened in the US”

“Abayomi, you guys do worse in Nigeria. I pray that this painful event might be a source of inner reflection to the @NigeriapolicePR and inspiration to all its officers to truly change and treat Nigerians with dignity. But as of today, you guys are worse than Floyd’s killer”.

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