Justin UG in Underage Sex Scandal

by on December 27, 2020

By Onwuka Gerald

According to her, Justin UG who
used to groom underage girls, claimed to be 16 years as at time she inquired his age prior to their hookup while he was actually 20.

The girl who refused to reveal her identity accused UG of deceit and abuse which eventually ended up in anal sex after she was sent an image of his manhood.

Her words, “I was 14 as at time I met Justin at a party, he approached me and my friends and added us all on Snapchat. On getting home, he messaged, telling me that he finds me attractive and would love to know me better.

“He proceeded with the conversation by asking my age, I said I was 14; when I asked his, he replied that he was young enough. I didn’t bother inquiring further with his age so I allowed it be.

“Surprisingly, in the midnight, he sent me a photo of his penis and said I had nice ass and that he would love us to meet. I replied that I wouldn’t want to meet him anywhere private as I am happy and contented with us just being friends and meet publicly.

She continued, “After I pressured to know his age, he finally said he was 16, about turning 17, saying further that reason he didn’t initially disclosed his age was that people don’t fancy younger guys. He apologized, I forgave.

“After I learnt his age, it dawned on me that he is as well a minor, hence we can both mess around.

Few days later, Justin asked if I was down to having some fun as it was summer, I condescended and we agreed to hookup at the next organized party. It was a house party.

On getting to the party, we both went upstairs, found a restroom and started making out. He was about having sex with me; I declined and said I am not ready for that. After much pressure, we both decided on doing just anal sex.

After the party ended, we texted on regular basis and had more anal sex before he flew back to the United states.

A week after he went to the US, I noticed he had blocked me on Snapchat and when I tried messaging him on Instagram, he acted as if he had not met me before.

The next line of action I took is that I tried to get screenshots of our encounter in the past; unfortunately, he blocked me everywhere and that restricted me from his messages. He also deleted some messages too.

She stated that Justin’s user handle on Snap is @yq_dutch.

“I became exasperated lately on realizing that he celebrated his 23rd birthday this year, interpreting further that he lied to me about his age three years ago”.

“I told his friend about encounter I had with him. She confronted him. The day he released his movie and posted real age on Instagram, he surprisingly unblocked me on Snapchat after three years, asking me reason I am bent on ruining his career.

Meanwhile, On his part, Justin after unblocking her on Snapchat, messaged her.

See their Chat Below:

“Why did you tell what happened, we were both young and dumb.

“Why are you trying to spoil my reputation and why keep shut all this years?

She replied, “Why wouldn’t I be mad? A whole ass 23 year old, why did you lie to me the manner you did?

“Why did you do this to me, I was 14 and you were 20. The whole world will know about this as even your game cannot save you from this.

Justin replied that his movie would soon be released and her bringing something like this after all this years is uncool. I said I was sorry and I didn’t block you. Please let this slide as well have grown and much better now”.

“You are sick in the brain, you will surely see; you old bastard, God will judge you accordingly. Sorry fixes nothing.

“The abuser’s day will come eventually”, she added.

In related development, Justin on Twitter responded to the allegation against him by saying that he isn’t trying trivializing rape cases against men and women.

He said the recent allegations against him are untrue and that he would never take advantage of an underage girl.

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