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Keep Clear Off Yoruba Land – Odua Defenders Warn Niger Delta Avengers

by on May 10, 2016

The Odua Defenders Union, ODU, has described the threat by a new militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, to attack Lagos within a matter of days as an insult on the Yoruba race.

In a statement signed by its President-General, Rabak Anthony, ODU warned against the dangers ahead if Ijaw militants decided to carry out their threat to attack Lagos or any part of Yorubaland.
“This threat that was published in all the media, both electronic and print, cannot be taken for granted. Therefore, the Yoruba are ready to make the first move against the Ijaws in Lagos before their ‘brothers’ will storm Lagos.

“We fought the Ijaws here in Lagos before because of this their arrogance and they know we are ready for them. They came here about five years ago also to attack the Atlas Cove where Naval officers guarding tank farms were killed.

“So, we are not taking this threat without preparation. We are ready, let them make the move.” The Odua Defenders Union leader said, its members spread across the whole South-West and can deal with the militants threat. The group asked the security agents to go after the Niger Delta Avengers because the Yoruba youths are prepared to face them and other Ijaws militants in Lagos.

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