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    Comment…Mr faleke you have not been in kogi politice pls give peace a chance so that those who have been with us to rule kogi not you who base in Lagos.

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    My dear Faleke, much as I sympathise with you, I will advice that you accept your fate as it is today for the following reasons; 1 – The party has choosen Yahaya Bello in preference to your humble self. I advice that you just accept the party decission in good faith, for in contest, you either win or you loose. Your lose today may pave way for a brighter chance tomorrow. Remember we all blamed SARAKI for allowing personal interest to over ride party interest in his quest for senate presidency stool. 2 – If God destines that you will govern Kogi state one day, it shall surely come to pass. PMB contested presidential elections three good times and failed, by destiny, he is the President of Nigeria today. 3 – Great and worthy men like; Awolowo, Zik and Abiola were an inch away from the presidency stool but they never got there. Shonekan never dreamt of it in life, yet he was there for six months. Let us learn from history, Leadership possition is is not just an act of struggle but much of destiny.


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