Video of Kwara-Based Lady, Trafficked in Lebanon

by on January 11, 2020

Someone very wise once said “Not all that glitters is gold” and, that has been the fate of many Young Nigerian Women who illegally travel outside the country in search of gold (greener pastures).

Miss Ajayi Omolola is one of many young Nigerian women, who is now a victim of circumstances she never bargained for.

Miss Ajayi Omolola is a 23 year old single mother of one. The victim is now in Lebanon and seeking help in her dialect.

A family friend of hers had introduced her to a white person who took her to Lebanon.

On arrival, her passport was immediately collected and hidden, it was then she realized she had been sold to slavery.

And, as a slave whenever they fell ill, they were given little (paracetamol) or no treatment at all and left for dead.

The victim is currently being maltreated by her boss, while demanding sex in return for her phone he forcefully seize as a result of the victim refusing to sleep with him.

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It’s heartbreaking how, despite series of stories on how girls are being manipulated  and taken out of the country and promised “non-existent” jobs, young Nigerian girls still fall victim to irregular migration.

We’ve had stories of girls who through irregular migration landed themselves in Appalling situations, while living the opposite of the life they envisioned while packing their bags to leave their home country.

We’ve had speeches on why irregular migration should be avoided.

In fact, at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Vienna Migration Conference, in a speech by the Director General of the National Agency for the prohibition of Trafficking in persons (NAPTIP), Ms Julie Okah-Donli said, in her own words;

“You know, the truth is that irregular migration leads to trafficking, it leads to drug trafficking, it leads to arms trafficking because these are immigrants that are vulnerable by virtue of their status and so we must partner with every country you can think of to make sure that  these illegal immigrants do not become victims of trafficking”

young girls (the ones who were fortunate to make it back alive) have all come back to share sad testimonies and give their own fair share of their ordeal.

How is it that with everything being said and done, young Nigerian girls still fall victim to this trend?

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Now, you would observe that the girls who mostly fall victim are Young girls who are vulnerable from poor backgrounds. 

The wolves in sheep clothing who tend to offer “help” to them are usually Family members, close Family Friends, Friends, Colleagues and people who are supposed to be trusted by these younglings.

The young victim is lured with promises of a “non-existent” job and a comfortable life, all lies.

“They lied to me” Omolola says in her dialect. Of course! they always lie.

Currently, The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has arrested three suspects and Lebanese connected to the crime. 

Ajakaye in a statement on Friday identified the suspects as Wasit Muhammad (a Lebanese), Olatunji Sanusi (a lawyer) and one Tunde, adding that one other suspect, identified simply as Joseph, is at large.

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Apart from Ms Ajayi, discreet investigations by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in Kwara State have revealed that there are at least 28 other victims of this horrible trafficking gang.” He added.

Ajakaye stated that the governor was in contact with relevant Federal Government and international agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Organisation for Migration to ensure the release of Ajayi and other victims from Trafficking.

Here’s a video of Omolola Pleading for help:

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