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KWARA STATE | Air force Personnel Brutalizes Workers (PHOTOS)

by on November 18, 2016
Air force officials in Ilorin reportedly attacked workers who were working on a building site.
The Air force personnel claimed that they were owners of the land in question. The incident occurred yesterday 17th November at New Tipper Junction, Alagbado, Eiyenkorin, Ilorin in Kwara State.

An eyewitness reported;
Airforce officials in ILORIN took laws into their hands and brutally attacked innocent workers on building sites today -17th November 2016 claiming the land belongs to them. 

The incident occurred at New tipper junction, Alagbado, eiyenkorin, Ilorin, kwara state. According to a reliable source, there was no prior warning for these workers/site owners to evacuate the site. The officials caught them unaware, attacked thhem and even threatened to kill them.

It should be noted that the said land had been sold to a civilian who innocently employed these workers to build on the property.

The angry and molested victims are now calling on the senator Bukola Saraki, who is representing Ilorin and is equally the Senate President, and the governor of the state, Abdulfatah Ahmed to please attend to this and see that these officials are brought to order and justice.

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  • paul
    November 18, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    Pls Obama to rescue u idiot. U people intend to encroach to d land that has to do with national security of air force. Because of free social media, hence u looking for sympathisers. The reckless buildings around d air force platform and international airport ilorin is alarming and they must put a stop to this. International safety procedure for flight is prohibited d structures around d airport.


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