Lagos Govt Tags Protest By Members Of LASU As ‘Cheap Blackmail’

by on September 14, 2020

Lagos State Government has labelled the protest carried out by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) as well as the Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) of the state’s university as nothing but cheap blackmail.

The government were accused for not heeding to promise made over a year to increase salaries of workers.

Representing and speaking on behalf of Lagos state government, the Adviser on Educational matters, Tokunbo Wahab lamented that the protest was of no gains.

He stressed that the school like other subvented institutions, receives N450 million monthly from the government.

“These schools he said are having Internally Generated Revenue which they give answer to nobody on how money is used there.

“Minus the subvention fee paid to the institution by the government, infrastructural development and payment for accreditation exercise is also well sponsored by the government”, he stressed.

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Wahab advised the protesters to reconsider their actions as the government has never promised increment and yet fail in paying. “It is blackmail if you ask me.

Protests has never solved a problem, what they should do is to take a review at the management for solutions and not blame the government for their misdeeds.

He added that the management should be more responsible on way money is circulated round the school as well as funding of their staff should be meticulously monitored.

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