Lamentations of APC Before The Fullness Of Time

by on April 4, 2016

By Tari Martins

A vibrant opposition is a key ingredient of any democracy. It is a bad precedence when the National government begins to see the electorates as the opposition. The All Progressive Congress (APC) went round the nook and cranny of this nation, preaching the gospel of change. Sadly unsuspecting Nigerians keyed into their ministration and voted them into power. It took less than 30 days for the APC led federal government to refer to Nigerians as wailing wailers, for demanding for the very change they preached about.

The APC should realize that, it wasn’t the Nigerian people that promised to hit the ground running and wipe out Boko Haram in 2 months if voted into power. President Buhari rose to power with the aura of being a very strong leader that has the testicular fortitude to extinguish the ragtag insurgent group. Since the 29th of May, it’s no longer news that Boko Haram has killed not less than 700 innocent Nigerians. Good a thing that President Buhari has moved the military command control centre to Maiduguri, but it should be noted that this is the only thing he has done differently from the previous administration his party referred to as a kindergarten government. While a few Nigerians subscribe to the school of thought that 50 days is too short a time to assess a new government, they should also be reminded that within the last 50 days, Boko Haram has spread its tentacles, attacking more states including Kaduna, Gombe, Zamfara etc. and lives are been lost on a daily basis, hence should understand that Nigerians cannot wait for the fullness of time to feel the much awaited change.

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It is very disheartening that the APC keeps reminding us that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) failed us for 16 years. Nigerians didn’t vote the APC into power for them to act as a ruling opposition party. Every Nigerian knows what the PDP achieved and failed to achieve, the APC led federal government should strike that responsibility off its to-do list and focus on more pressing issues like paying 5,000 Naira each to the poorest 25 million Nigerians on a monthly basis as promised and bringing the Naira at par with the US not Zimbabwean dollar.

About Tari Martins:

Tari Martins is a political analyst and founder, Niger Delta Integrity Initiative.

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