Leave Benue State, Relocate to Kano – Ganduje tells Fulani Herdsmen

by on February 5, 2018

The Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje has called on Fulani herdsmen in especially those in Benue and Taraba states, to relocate to Kano State.

The governor said said Kano State had “vast grazing land” to accommodate herdsmen and their cattle.

He said ; “Fulani herdsmen of Kano origin do not move out of Kano to other states because we have enough grazing land, ranches and traditional stock route. They don’t have any reason to move out of the state. We take care of them and we accord them the respect and dignity they deserve.

“I am inviting herdsmen from all parts of Nigeria to relocate to Kano because we have enough facilities to accommodate them. We have grazing land in Rogo, Gaya, Kura, Tudun Wada, Ungogo and other places, where facilities have been provided to accommodate the herdsmen and their cattle.”

The governor added that his administration was already in collaboration with the Federal Government and foreign agencies to convert the Falgore Game Reserve into a modern grazing land.

“Falgore Game Reserve can take care of millions of herdsmen and their cattle in Nigeria. The location has been designed to accommodate schools, human and animal clinics, markets, recreational centres and other social amenities that would provide the herdsmen enough comfort to take care of their animals and transact their business without any hindrance.

“These killings must stop. We cannot afford to continue to witness these senseless killings in the name of Fulani herdsmen and farmers clash over lack of grazing land when we have a place like the Falgore Game Reserve, which is being underutilised.”

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  • keyz
    February 5, 2018 at 10:29 am

    Buhari and his herdsmen brothers, I hope you heard the man, Unless you have another agenda,All of you should be on your way to kano by now or properbly there already!!


  • ogbu matthew
    February 5, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    How I wish we have more of your compassionate and patriotic model of reasoning. More to the places you have mentioned, sambisa forest is also there. Such grazing facilities could be extended there. If this talk is from the core of your heart, call the attention of the patrons and grand patron of miyetti allah breeders’ association and the leaders of the association who are busy fomenting and arming herdsmen to let them see your way of reasoning to allow peace to reign again in Nigeria. Blood lettings in just one regime has overwhelmed Nigeria and Nigerians. Then your next level is the presidency of this country.


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