Leonard Francois: Wife, Children, Net Worth, Profession, and Other Details

Do you know about tennis player, Noami’s father Leonard Francois who found his children’s potential at a very young age? Leonard’s children became international celebrities in a very short time. His daughter Noami Osaka went on to win the US Open finale to overcome her idol, Serena Williams.

The father of professional tennis star Noami, who taught his two children to play Tennis. Her father is a driving force behind her success. Leonard Francois recognized the talent of two daughters named Naomi and Mari. Serena Williams was defeated and retained the US Open title in 2018 and then in 2020 by a young Japanese teen. Let’s know about the details of Leonard Francois.

Leonard Francois was responsible for her win. He was born in the town of Jacmel, Haiti. Then he shifted to New York City, USA, where he studied. he kept his childhood things confidential. According to sources, Leonard was born in the 1980s.

Leonard Francois Height and Weight

Leonard looks very handsome with dark brown eyes and short black hair. The height of the former tennis player is 6 feet, and weight is not disclosed.

Personal Life

Leonard studied in the university in Sapporo. He has encountered his wife, Tamaki. His wife was raised in a patriarchal society that did not promote a biracial relationship. Leonard married Tamaki Osaka, and that was a love marriage. At that time, Japan was concerned with ethnic purity, and many children were educated with these philosophies. The couple faced many challenges. However, they live happily with their two girls, Noami and Mari.

Are Leonard and Noami Still Together

Leonard and Tamaki hide their love early in life because of Japanese culture. However, Tamaki revealed her relationship with Francois at the time of marriage. Her family was not happy with her marriage. Racism is still spreading in most regions of the country. They kept their married in secret and then relocated to Osaka.

They kept the marriage disclosed, and then relocated to Osaka. Mari and Naomi, barely 18 months apart, were born shortly after. For more than 15 years, Tamaki’s family was isolated. They returned to Japan in 2008 and reunited.

Leonard Francois Leaving His Comfort Zone

Leonard’s child Noami was three years old in 2001. He shifted his family back to The United States. In a very short time, he started implementing his dreams in his daughters’ lives. Noami won the WTA championships. In New York, after spending five years, Leonard sent his children to Pembroke Pines Public Courts. After five years, Leonard shifted to Florida in 2006, where he continued schooling.


Leonard is a tennis coach who was very young and started teaching his daughters. Tennis was not a hobby for his daughters. He brought them to Tennis and showed them how to play it.

Leonard saw the William sisters dominate the French Open, The winning concept in 1999. He went to a place he knew best: the sisters of Williams. Richard Williams accompanied Leonard with his design and training scheme. He began coaching his two daughters to make another tennis sensation like the William sisters. Similarly, the family shifted to New York in 2001. He returned to Florida after showing them the basics so his daughters could get more chances.

How Leonard Francois Trained His Daughters

Many people think Mari and Noami did not start playing tennis as a hobby. He was the one who introduced them to tennis and trained them on how to play. Before that, Francois never played tennis or coached before. He watched the show ‘The French Open” by William’s sisters and was inspired to train his girls. Leonard followed Richard’s blueprint, known as Serena and Venus Williams’s father.

The wife supported them, and Francois focused on making them potent. He never wants anything in the way of tennis practice. Leonard served his daughters as a coach in 2019, and Noami was irritated because of his father’s instructions. After teaching his daughters the fundamentals, his family shifted to Florida again.

Noami said no doubt her father is a reliable support system. I need a little structure because I do my own thing for too long. I feel like I need someone’s supervision or advice, you know. The girls are more connected to their Japanese culture. They have friends and family who support them.

Leonard Francois’s Net Worth

Francois has been coaching since her youth. He never revealed his net worth. His daughter, Noami, said his father was too worried about her matches and taking long walks because matches stressed him. My mother worked a lot in my growing age. According to sources, Noami Osaka estimated net worth is $25 million. Her name is included in the highest-paid female athlete of 2020.

Leonard Francois Dreams

The Osaka sisters often faced concerns about their race and many other items. Therefore, their decision to represent Japan in international games was another question; everyone was asking about it. In Japan, the girls are closer to their life. They have friends and families who love and support them at that place.

The U.S. Tennis Association refused to help them at all. According to Japanese law, Noami Osaka left her American citizenship eight at the age of 22. She felt more Japanese than American.

Leonard Francois Face Racism

Tamaki exposed her relationship with Francois when her marriage time arrived. Her family accused her of tarnishing her family reputation.

Social Media Appearance

Leonard Osaka, Noami’s father, is not active o social media. However, fans can follow Noami on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Osaka has more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million on Twitter under the name @naomiosaka

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