Lindsey Graham, Others Advise Trump To Contest 2024 US Election


South California Senator and member of the Republican Party, Sen. Lindsey Graham said, Donald Trump should contest for the presidential election again in 2024 if his legal charges against the new President elect, Joe Biden to the results of the recent election fail to keep him in the White House.

During an interview, The Senator advises the Incumbent President of the United States, Donald Trump, adding that if the president were to “fall short” that he should continue a second run and not “let his movement die.”

“I would encourage him to think about doing it,” Mr Lindsey said. “Grover Cleveland came back. Donald Trump should think about it if he falls short.”

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The Republican Member said, Mr Trump should consider creating “an organization, platforms over the next four years to keep his movement alive.”‘

Lindsey won his fourth Congressional term on Tuesday after defeating Democrat Jaime Harrison in the just concluded Election.

Sen. Graham is not the only one who has floated the idea of Trump running again in four years.

A campaign aide from Mr Trump’s 2016 campaign, Rick Gaetz said that Mr Trump would “seriously consider another run in 2024.”

A former White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney also said that he would include Mr Trump on any shortlist of Republicans expected to run for office in 2024.

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The Incumbent President has not commented publicly about running in 2024. He is yet to concede defeat in the election to Mr Biden, and is still hopeful that he can retain the White House.

The president plans to challenge the election results – which he baselessly alleges are rife with fraud – through a series of legal challenges. He has openly stated that the Supreme Court – and its majority of conservative Justices – should decide the results of the election.

The South Carolina Senator said, he expects Mr Trump to continue fighting the results of the election.

“I talked to the president for a long time yesterday. He wants to fight, and he should fight, If we can close the margins in Arizona and Georgia and look at provisional ballots, this is not over,” the Senator said.

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Despite the senator’s optimism, it’s extremely unlikely that that scenario would occur, as the election results as already been in Joe Biden’s favour.

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