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  1. 1


    Amaechi must pass through, we’re still waiting! Noting do u “sir Amaechi”

  2. 2

    Abdul ilorin

    Comment…amaechi,the lion of our time nobody can stop u.

  3. 3


    All cases of corruption levelled against Amaechi are all part of the forces that want pull him down. But he will scale through.

  4. 4

    Ikpasegh isaac

    Amaechi must be a minister for all i care.

  5. 5

    D JaY Hanson

    Amaechi Return Our Money You Stole You thief. RiverS People Will Never Forgive You. Betrayer

  6. 6


    Comment…this is the worst corrupt govt I have ever witnessed in my life time for screening a passed public office holder(immediate passed governor in rivers state)amaechi despite been indicted by state of inquire.up APC for change.

  7. 7


    beta leave dat man alone,wen u castigate nd criticise him on minor or unnecessary issues,wat are u gonna do about d nigerian champion of stealers,as well as looters.Somebody said stealing is not corruption,and u pple kept silent without probing him,now a patriot nigerian is been disturbed upon his previous and subsequent service to his dear nation.Beta leav him alone to continue help tackle d unfortunate leaders of our time.Rise on joor,d lion of niger delta……..


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