Liverpool: Man Asked To Get Off Bus, After Spilling Brownish Substance From Mouth


A passenger has been recently asked by a bus driver in Liverpool England, to get off of his vehicle, right after he spat out a reddish and brown substance from his mouth.

The driver, told the man that the reason he is asking him to board off, is simply because he hung his mask around his neck and was coughing indiscriminately, and in a way disliked by other passengers on the bus.

“My bus is going nowhere further, not until you get off”, he barked.

An an witness, Rachel Fagan who currently was also a passenger of the bus, stated that the incident happened right immediately after she boarded. According to her, the man suddenly started coughing without a mask on.

According to her, “the other passengers, also yelled at him to get off the bus, as they were unsure of his condition. Before leaving, he raised his middle finger, pointing directly at the driver of the bus”.

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Rachel further stated that the driver is a smart person; asking the man to get off the bus, was simply the right action to take at a moment like that, added that right after he coughed on the seat the reddish and brownish substance, he wiped himself using his hands and immediately tried to hide it from the rest of the passengers.

The driver at the next stop, quickly pulled us over and asked the remainder of the passengers to get down, so that bus can be cleaned and the substance wiped off from the seats for the next trip.

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