Lockdown: How Security Agents Are Cashing Out — Fisayo Soyombo

by on April 23, 2020

Our Popular investigative journalist Fisayo Soyombo is at it again when he reports the case of a colleague who informed him about a lady who boarded a bus driven by a police officer from Ibadan to Ondo.

Soyombo reported that the lady claimed she boarded a bus at 4am which was driven by a police officer who billed his passengers N4000 for Ibadan to Ondo. The regular fare for such a trip is usually from N800-N1000 but due to the Covid19 lockdown the Police officer saw an opportunity to extort these travellers.

It’s sad to say the least that these police officers who are supposed to be enforcing these lockdown rules are the violators of the rule and instead of them to make sure citizens abide my these rules, they use it as a money making venture.

These Police officers have used their Uniforms and their positions as essential workers during the lockdown to not only break the rules but also to extort desperate Nigerians. The nonchalant attitude exhibited by these travellers who are supposed to be in their homes rather than on the road is also a thing of concern and shows the irresponsibility of some Nigerians.

Soyombo tweeted:

“Someone who travelled to Ondo from Lagos on Saturday told my colleague she boarded a Lagos-Ibadan bus around 4am & the driver ‘settled’ the security agents on the way. The bus that conveyed her from Ibadan to Ondo was driven by a policeman who billed passengers 4K each… “

This compels us to ask why any responsible citizen should be travelling at a time like this when Covid19 cases are on the rise and spreading like wild fire. Twitter users have reacted to this story and have expressed disappointment at how Nigeria Citizens are handling the pandemic.

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