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    Alexander Sankun

    Iam a strong member of APC in Taraba State. I can tell that just like Saeed many of us have been used and dumped. We are too foreign to our elected and appointed politicians who got to where they are today through our prayers and supports. May be we too may dump the party if we see no change in the behaviour of such persons. They have hurt us too much. We are not just hurtihg but really burning. May God grant us to decide rightly as events unfold.

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    Comment…We in APC do not like you

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    The national assembly must not pass the hate speech bill because that bill was made to silent Nigerians and ruled them like slaves and it will always work against freedom of expression and group or part will stand the intimidation, in my own opinion, i will say, let our government deal with hate action first and you will see there will be no hate speech to me, i will always tell the world when ever my people are being marginalize, my oppressor should change otherwise i wont short up and if you want to charge for hate speech, charge me together with my oppressor for hate action otherwise i will resist every attempt to arrest me


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