Man Blames Nigeria’s Harsh Economic Conditions For Abandoning Wife

by on March 6, 2018

Aisha Audu, a frustrated housewife, has revealed why she wants to untie the knot with her Husband, Ahmadu Audu.

She revealed that she was neglected and forced to adjust to the embarrassing condition her husband put her through.

A Sharia Court situated in Magajin gari of Kaduna State took up the case when the lady filed for a divorce, on Monday, March 5, 2018. The court ordered Mr Ahmadu Audu to pay the sum of N10, 000 to his heartbroken wife as compensation for the months she was abandoned to cater for the family.

Mr Audu’s wife had to drag her husband to court when things were going out hands, a situation that forced her back to her father’s house where she squatted for months.

“He doesn ’ t provide food , instead he tells me to go to his family house and eat”

“I could no longer persevere the hunger , so I went back home,” Aisha said.

Aisha went on to reveal that she had been with her parents for seven months, yet nothing has changed .

Aisha saw no other option to stay in the Marriage and thereby asked the court to dissolve the marriage , if her husband cannot take care of her .

Audu, now giving a chance to defend himself, told the court that he still very much in love with his wife, and blamed his condition on the harsh economic situation in the country.

The judge, Dahiru Lawal ordered Audu to pay N 10, 000 to the wife as restitution for the long period he took without caring for her and ordered the couple to settle the issues between them amicably, He warned the husband against neglecting his wife and to take care of her as provided by law.

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