Man Killed by Wife after he accused her of having an extramarital affair (PHOTO)

by on January 23, 2018

A Nigerian man identified as Ugochukwu Okeke A.K. A Alino, has been reportedly beaten to death by his legally married wife, Chinenye Adaeze Okeke, and his apprentice, whom was accused of having a romantic affair with his wife.

The late Okeke was a native of Ndimgbu in Anambra State. According to reports, He was allegedly beaten to death when he questioned his wife who is a native of Mbanagu in Anambra State over the affair. The couple have 5 Children.

The deceased who is reportedly the only son of his mother popularly known as ‘madam holy holy’, was killed, wrapped and was to be dumped but luck ran out on the assailants as they were apprehended and detained in a police Station in Yaunde, Cameroon.

In Retaliation, Chinenye’s family house in Mbanagu, was stormed by angry Nnewi Youths on Saturday, who ransacked the house and took away pictures of Chinenye before setting the house on fire.

Israel Mbaebie, a facebook user who shared the story wrote; 

After being butchered by his wife and her two accomplices, they had dumped Ugochukwu Okeke’s body at the trunk of his car and was about driving off before they were apprehended… May his soul rest in peace…

Yesterday, a dear friend shared with me about the gruesome murder of her uncle Mr. Ugochukwu Okeke popularly known as Alino in Yaounde, Cameroon.

The late Mr. Okeke who hailed from Ndimgbu, Otolo Nnewi was gruesomely murdered in his own house on Monday by his estranged wife and her two male accomplices, one of whom was the deceased’s houseboy.

The houseboy and the evil woman are currently under arrest while a massive manhunt is on for the fleeing third suspect.

Now, the million dollar question is this; why stay put and kill or get killed? If it is not working and you have tried and prayed and it is still not working, #WalkAway once your life is threatened.

Mr. Alino would have been alive today but for the indiscretion of staying put even when the bubble was clearly burst. I am not advocating indiscriminate divorce but that of self preservation. Life is sacrosanct. Once taken, it is irreplaceable.

My condolences go especially to his children who by virtue of this dastardly act by their mother, has effectively made them orphans. The stigmatization especially to the female children would be something else.

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