Maris Rice-Cameron to be an athlete or politicain?

Maris Rice-Cameron Bio and Age

Maris Rice-Cameron was born on December 5, 1990 in Washington DC, United States of America. She is 21 year old in 2021 and 5.8″ tall. Her weight is approximately 58 kg.

She is completing her high school education at Maret High School. She is an American celebrity who is established as competitive athlete.

Maris Rice-Cameron is the daughter of Ian O. Cameron who has been a television executive manager of ABC News. Whereas her mother Susan Rice is a famous American politician. Her only brother John Rice-Cameron is studying at Stanford University and actively takes part in Political activities as he is a member of students federation at his university.

Maris Rice Cameron brother

Maris Rice-Cameron Dating & Boyfriend

Despite of her mother being a political figure, and her father a famous TV Executive, Maris Rice-Cameron’s personal life has been kept away from media.

Maris’ love life has been in dark and no one exactly knows about her dating or boyfriends. Although there are some rumors and speculations about her relationships but no solid news are there yet.

Maris Rice-Cameron Career and Achievements

Since Maris is a high school student and extraordinary athlete, nothing can be said about her career if she will like sports or politics in future. She has performed great in many sports events and continues her passion.

Some of her friends claim that Maris will be a good politician in future following her mother’s footsteps. She is participating in sports just for entertainment as an extra-curricular activity. Nevertheless, whatever she decides, her net worth is estimated between 2-5 million US dollars.

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