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    Comment…for the the preservation and futher of life and properties,courts should have not issue such orders,elections rerun is yet to conduct see many cases of political murders
    kidnappings,behead etc,but the police will not able to curtains all the security issues coz it involved militias,militant and terror they implies ,so the military is needed to support .police Dssand other’s security agency for smooth reruns election in Rivers state.

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    agbero dey do be be for lagos … Imagine the so called Alhaji tout musiliu throwing such a satanic party in the heart of lagos . Tabatiyadda musiliu akinsanya wa tamba . Woe unto you and your illuminatic trend . Your children will profit from your sorrow. Your family tooo will share in the …… Lah na llah a lal mushrikunna ..

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    Sulaimon shaba

    A church in America has once ordered its members not to be wearing under wears while coming for services. It was sporadically posted on net then. Moreover, Mc dd nt force anyone to attend, it was a self minded decision for those that went. May God save us in Nigeria.


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