Mian Nawaz Sharif Education and Life

Nawaz Sharif received his early education from St. Anthony's High School.

By : Rabia Fatima, Sahiwal

Nusrat Javed, a senior analyst, says: “The Sharif family is a patriarchal and conservative family. They turned to industrialization in the 1930s, at that time hardly a few Muslim families had a name in industrialization.”

According to Nusrat Javed, “After stepping into the steel business, the Sharif family began to look to the future. From 7 brothers who came to Lahore from Jati emperors and rose with hard work. The senior analyst said that by 1947, Sharif had established his name, as far as ancient Lahore was concerned.

He said that before getting admission in Government College Lahore, Nawaz Sharif received his early education from St. Anthony’s High School. His residence was in Mohalla Ram Galla in the area of Circular Road.”

Nawaz Sharif used to hang out with the boys in the neighborhood more than the boys in his school. Nawaz Sharif was a friend of Khawaja Asif in Government College Lahore but most of his good friends are not of Zamana student.

Make friends with In the presence of Mian Sharif, it was not possible for Nawaz Sharif to make friends with school boys, skip classes and be a part of such gossip.

Nawaz Sharif later became part of his family’s influential Ittefaq group, which was interested in the sugar, steel and textile sectors.

Then the changing circumstances proved that this business division is not only a problem of his family but now it will be played with the country for the betterment of the family. It was decided to try one’s luck in politics. Got some help or not but the government of Pakistan got the throne but this time it started to come out of their hands like sand from their hands.

And then the boundaries were crossed in the circle of government, every institution. They have been enslaved, democracy has been used in such a way that cities of corruption have been settled and their political life has been ruined due to this corruption.

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