Is It True Mila Antonova And Bill Gates Are In A Romantic Relationship?

The renewed technology billionaire Bill Gates recently found himself amid a scandal involving an alleged affair with Mila Antonova. She is a Russian-based player and software engineer.

Stop rumors and allegations from the public going viral. The New York Post shared a video claiming that Bill Gates is involved in a romantic relationship with a Russian bridge player.

Who Is Mila Antonova?

The player Mila Antonova was 20 years old at that time, and Bill Gates was 50 years old. At that time, he had been married to his ex-wife, Melinda Gates.

In May 2021, they divorced after being married for 27 years. People are so interested in knowing about the Russian player Mila Antonova, so let’s dive into the details of her life and these rumors.

Early Life of Mila Antonova

The Russian-based girl Mila Antonova was raised in Russia. We don’t know when she was born as she never shared her year of birth. Therefore, Mila Antonova’s age is unknown.

She got a basic education in Russia and graduated from Russian University. After getting her degree, she shifted to the United States, where she started work as a software engineer in San Francisco.

How Antonova and Bill Gates Met?

Antonova found a bridge club to attend when she shifted to the US. Mila and Bill Gates met in 2019 at a bridge tournament in Washington, DC.

Antonova was introduced to Epstein when she was looking for funds to launch an online business where she taught how to play bridge. Mila wanted to call it BridgePlanet. Antonova met Espetin at his Manhattan townhouse in November 2013.

After a year, she stayed at a New York City apartment but claimed she did not interact with him or anyone else there. Her online business plan was faked, and she decided to start a programming boot camp and ask people to invest in it. Epstein also offers up money to her.

In 2017, Esptein emailed Bill Gates to reimburse him for the money he invested in Antonva’s programming boot camp. However, Bill Gates refused to join Epstein in a charity.mila antonova age

Professional life of Mila Antonova

Mila is a software engineer and a prominent World Tournament Bridge figure. She became famous based on her skills and as the founder of the bridge club as well.

Her association with the bridge tournament became a catalyst because of her relationship with Bill Gates. Besides the allegation of a relationship with Bill Gates, She was also recognized for her work in the world of bridges.

She started her bridge tutorial company when she shifted to the United States, but that was a complete failure.

After that, she secured a job as a software engineer. She deleted her account when she came into the limelight because of an allegation of an affair with Bill Gates.

She has worked in multiple companies, and right now, she has been working as a senior software engineer at a well-known company named Beyond Pricing.

Mila Antonova’s Net Worth

According to sources, Mil Antonova’s estimated net worth is $550,000. The major source of earnings is her job, where she gets paid $201k as a senior software engineer.

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