Most popular types of content on TikTok

TikTok content is important for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that it allows users to express themselves creatively and share their interests and talents with a wide audience. This can be particularly beneficial for creators who are looking to build a following and gain exposure for their work.

TikTok content can also be an effective way to connect with others and build community. Many users use the platform to find others who share their interests, and the platform’s algorithm is designed to surface content that it thinks users will enjoy. This can lead to the discovery of new and exciting content, as well as the formation of communities around specific topics.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the top types of content that works on TikTok and can help you fetch more engagement.

Types of Content on TikTok

There are many different types of content on TikTok but the ones that will help you increase tiktok followers and likes. Here are some of the most trending types of content:

1- Lip-syncing and music videos 

Lip-syncing and music videos are a very popular type of content on TikTok. Users can choose from a wide variety of popular songs and sound bites from movies, TV shows, and other sources to lip-sync to and create their own videos. Many users also use the platform to showcase their own singing or musical talents.

Music on TikTok can be used in many ways, some users use it as background music for their videos, other’s use it as the main focus of their videos, lip-syncing or dancing to the beats. TikTok has a large library of licensed music, so users can easily find the perfect song or sound to match their video.

2- Comedy Skits and memes 

Comedy skits and memes are also a popular type of content on TikTok. Users can create short comedic videos using a variety of formats, such as lip-syncing to funny dialogue, acting out scenes, or using visual effects to enhance their videos.

Memes are also a big part of TikTok’s content, users often create videos using popular memes, adding their own spin to them or creating new memes altogether. Many users also use TikTok as a way to discover and participate in the latest internet memes. TikTok also has a range of effects, filters, and tools that users can use to enhance their videos, such as speed adjustment, special effects, and time-warping, to make their videos more engaging and funnier.

3- Dancing videos 

Many users create videos of themselves dancing to popular songs and sound bites, often using the app’s built-in lip-syncing feature.

Dancing on TikTok can take many forms, from solo performances to group routines, from choreographed dances to freestyle moves. TikTok also has a feature called “duet” which allows users to collaborate with other users by adding their own video to someone else’s video, often leading to creative and fun videos.

TikTok is also known for its viral dance challenges, where a specific song or sound becomes popular and users create their own unique videos using that song or sound, often leading to a trend or viral trend among users. These challenges often include step-by-step instructions for the dance, making it easy for users to participate and join the trend.

4- Travel and adventure videos

Users create videos that showcase their travel experiences, such as visiting different countries, exploring new cities, or going on outdoor adventures. These videos can include footage of scenic landscapes, unique culture, and local food.

On TikTok, users can also find travel vlogs, where creators document their trips, showing their daily routine, their experiences, and the places they visit, giving a glimpse of the destination, and providing inspiration and tips for other users who want to travel to the same place.

Adventure videos on TikTok can be a mix of action and scenic footage, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, hiking, and much more, showing the thrill and excitement of the adventure, and inspiring other users to try new things.

5- Pet and animal videos 

Pet and animal videos are also a popular type of content on TikTok. Many users create videos featuring their pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. These videos can include footage of the pets playing, sleeping, or doing tricks, and often feature cute or funny moments.

TikTok has a wide variety of pet and animal content, from cute and funny pet videos, to informative and educational videos about different species and their behavior. Users can also find videos of wild animals, such as lions, elephants, and bears, filmed in their natural habitats.

Pet and animal videos on TikTok can also include videos of users interacting with animals at zoos, aquariums, and wildlife parks, providing a glimpse of the animals and their behavior.

6- Educational and informative content 

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short videos, often set to music. The app is known for its creative and entertaining content, but it also has a growing number of educational and informative videos. These videos cover a wide range of topics, from history and science to art and cooking. Some users create educational content as part of their regular content, while others have dedicated accounts for educational content only.

Additionally, many educators and experts have started to use the platform to share their knowledge and engage with a wider audience. Some educational content on TikTok may be informal and not necessarily from certified educators, but the app also features verified accounts, educational initiatives and a “learning” category.

7- Challenges and trends 

TikTok is known for its popular challenges, which are often started by users and then spread quickly through the platform. These challenges often involve a specific dance, hashtag, or song, and users will often create their own variations on the challenge. Some popular challenges on TikTok include the Renegade dance challenge, the Lip Sync Challenge, and the #DontRushChallenge. 

Trends on TikTok can change quickly and are often driven by popular songs, memes, and challenges. Some popular trends on TikTok include lip syncing, dance challenges, comedic skits, and creative editing. Additionally, there are also trends in specific niches, such as makeup, fashion, and cooking.

8- ASMR and relaxation videos 

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos on TikTok feature sounds, movements, and visuals that are intended to trigger a relaxing, tingling sensation in the viewer. These videos can include a variety of sounds such as whispering, soft speaking, tapping, scratching, and nature sounds.

Some popular ASMR videos on TikTok include ones that feature relaxation techniques, guided meditations, and sleep-inducing sounds. TikTok users have also been creating videos that are meant to promote relaxation and stress relief. These videos often feature soothing music, guided meditations, and calming visual elements such as nature scenes and slow-moving animations. Some popular relaxation videos on TikTok include yoga, breathing exercises, and other self-care practices.


In conclusion, the most famous type of content on TikTok is short-form videos, usually 15 seconds or less, that often feature lip-syncing, dancing, and comedy skits. Other popular types of content on the platform include DIY and tutorial videos, fashion and beauty content, and food and cooking videos. Additionally, TikTok is known for its viral challenges and memes, where users create videos using a specific audio or visual effect, often leading to a trend or viral trend among users. Utilize this content and boost your engagement.

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