Mother Accused of Using Funds Meant For Release of all Abducted Greenfield Students to Secure Only Son

by on May 5, 2021

Mrs. Lauretha Attahiru, mother of one of the abducted Greenfield University Students has been accused of using funds crowd sourced by concerned Nigerians and other affected parents to secure the release of only her son.

According to a Twitter handle @truthfully83, After the abductors had made their demands known, the parents and guardians of the abducted students decided to raise funds by themselves.

This was after all pleas to Nasir El’Rufai, the diminutive Governor of Kaduna State had fallen on deaf ears as he swore not to pay any form of ransom to kidnappers even if his children were abducted.

Accordingly, the parents held a meeting, and decided to solicit for public financial support, to enable them pool part or whole of the ransom amount demanded by the abductors.

They also agreed that whatever money was raised, it will be used to secure the release of all the students. They further agreed to use the personal account of Lauretha Attahiru, because she seemed a respectable wife of a retired Army officer.

Nigerians being their brother’s keeper, made donations to the account totalling millions.

Over a period of time, Mrs Attahiru stopped coming to the meetings of the group. As at Friday 30th of April, a total of eleven parents had paid substantial amounts into the account.

The parents received the shock of their lives as Mrs Lauretha Attahiru secured the release of only her son by allegedly sending Twenty million Naira to the Kidnappers.

See tweets on the incident below

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