Muslim Coalition Backs Kukah, Says His Words Are Always Of Truth

by on December 30, 2020

By Adejumo Enock

The coalition of Nigerian Muslim Professionals has warned those demonizing and abusing the Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Archdiocese, Matthew Kukah to desist from their actions and also stop twisting the message to mean the Bishop is trying to endorse Coup.

The Coalition also added that such actions by his Critiques could deplete the peace of the country.

Recall that Bishop Kukah in his Christmas message titled, “A Nation in search of Vindication” accused President Buhari of piloting Nigeria into darkness and added that the Country is heading towards a failed state.

His statement has raised criticism from the President’s political associates and the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

In a statement signed by the group’s National Coordinator, Prof. Mohammed Inuwa in Abuja on Tuesday, the Coalition said that Nigeria will be a great place if there were two or three persons like Kukah.

The Coalition called on President Mohammadu Buhari to take Bishop Kukah’s message as a wake-up call to adjust for the good of Nigeria.

The Coalition stated that a good leader do not promote the interest of one region against others. Adding that in as much it loves the president, the Coalition will want him to leave a legacy of a united Nigeria.

In his statement,Inuwa condemned in its entirety attacks on Bishop Kukah adding that the current Federal administration is promoting nepotism with impunity.

Also the Coalition praised Bishop Kukah for “his boldness to speak truth to power”.

The group said having followed Bishop Kukah’s activities and preachings since the days of the military, it was convinced that not too many Nigerians took the interest of the country at heart like Bishop Kukah.

The Muslim Professionals stated that those trolling Bishop Kukah were doing it for their pecuniary gains and not the interest of the country.

The statement in part reads, “Even during the military era where people dreaded the powers that be at the time, Bishop Kukah, who was then a Catholic priest spoke truth to those at the helm of affairs without fear or favour. He has shown through his actions all the years that he is a true son of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general”.

“We should support him for being bold enough to come out to speak what many Nigerians know is the truth but afraid to speak out for fear of the leadership”.

Furthermore, the Muslim group stated, “While we must admit that President Muhammad Buhari means well for the nation, we must say that most people in his government are grossly incompetent and don’t deserve to stay around power even in an uncivilized space”.

“There’s nothing wrong with Bishop Kukah’s statement in the actual sense. Some regions particularly the South East has been marginalized in successive governments, and the administration of President Muhammad Buhari came and amplified it with the worst”.

Similarly, The Coalition stated that it would not shy away from the truth even though most of the president’s actions drawing criticisms were in favour of its region.

The group added that, ” We strongly condemn the wrong approach taken to respond to a message by a patriotic Nigerian by these incompetent people working to derail the president’s agenda”.

“It is completely wrong to be attacking Bishop Kukah by some faceless sponsored groups. Bishop Kukah did not in any way call for a coup, he is too learned to do that”.

“We stand completely with Bishop Kukah, this government must be fair to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe and religion”. The statement reads.

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