Muslim Gunman High on Cocaine During Tunisia Beach Massacre

by on July 1, 2015

The sick extremist also asked his potential victims to take selfies with him days before he murdered 38 people on the Sousse beaches.

Toxicology reports have detected a stimulant, believed to be the class A drug cocaine, in Rezgui’s system, following the dead terrorist’s post-mortem examination.

ISIS fighters are understood to pump themselves up with drugs to try and feel untouchable before they commit atrocities.

Saddam Hussein intoxicated his fighters with drugs and Iraq veterans have found needles, amphetamines, heroin and cocaine on the battlefield. The drugs may explain why he was seen laughing and failed to detonate a bomb found next to his dead body. Rezgui was seen smiling as he fired rounds of bullets at innocent holidaymakers running for their lives. He then took photographs of the dead and was seen laughing to himself.

Survivor Paul Short said: “At one point, the gunman was busy – with his gun on his back – with a phone out, taking photos of the bodies and laughing.” Eyewitness reports say Rezgui threw his phone into the sea soon after he began shooting, in an attempt destroy or lose any evidence.

More details about Rezgui’s life have now emerged. The breakdancer would get drunk and have sex with girls while at university to try and pass himself off as a laid back student. He was a top performing engineering student with a good attendance record. But while he was achieving good grades he was also plotting his terror attack.

Tunisian interior minister Rafik Chelli said Rezgui had been to a Libyan ISIS training camp with two attackers who carried out the Bardo Museum attack in Tunis which killed 22. He lived in a two-bedroom apartment with four flatmates in Kairouan, Tunisia, but all five vanished a month ago.

Three have been arrested and some are believed to have gone to Syria to fight for ISIS.

Source: express.co.uk

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