My Wife bring her lovers home, I caught her on two Occasions


A 60-year-old Lagos businessman, Mr Tunji Oyedele, sued to di­vorce his wife, Romoke over her alleged sexual recklessness and infidelity.

Oyedele told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, yesterday, that his 55-year-old wife and trader, with whom he had four children, was pro­miscuous.

He said, “Whenever I travel, my wife brings men into our house; on two occasions, I caught my wife with her lovers in our bedroom.

“On one occasion, I came home unannounced and caught her with one of her lovers in our bedroom. On another occasion, I caught her with another man who she claimed was her pastor. She claimed that the said pastor wanted to take her to a river for a special bath to avert spiri­tual attack.”

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The petitioner further al­leged that his wife was fetish and was always in possession of different charms.

He said, “I see different strange objects in my bathing water, food and everywhere in the house. There was a day I entered her room in her ab­sence and saw feathers tied with clothes and other diaboli­cal objects.

“I believe that my persistent illness, which has deferred medical solution, is as a result of her fetish acts. I have been forced to leave my own house because I don’t want to die now.”

Oyedele presented the pic­tures of the charms as exhibits, and begged the court to dis­solve the marriage as he was no longer in love.

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Romoke, however, de­bunked the allegations, and stated that she and her hus­band had lived in peace until January 2016, when he mar­ried a new wife.

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