N112.4million Consultancy Contract: Nigerians Lament Over Huge Outlay By NDDC

by on May 27, 2020

Investigative Journalist, Fisayo Soyombo has uncovered some details of a N112.4million contract issued by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to Julius Dinga Nig Ltd.

The quoted sum is the service charge for “consultancy for the provision of publicity on the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus” in the Niger Delta.

“Please note: this contract wasn’t for the provision of that specific service; it was for CONSULTANCY for the provision! Lol.

“At a time when we’re on the cusp of another recession, see how the NDDC is frittering away the money we placed in their trust”, Fisayo tweeted.

His latest revelation has left many fuming at why such huge amount of money will be allocated for such services at a time when every penny spent should count for so much value in return.

Read below some reactions.

“This is gross misappropriation, embezzlement, theft, corruption and fraud.

“Government isn’t ready to stop corruption, when it’s ready I’m sure they know exactly what to do.”

“That energy you guys were using to drag Arewa twitter should be channelled to the NDDC.

“Or are we just going to let this slide because it doesn’t suit the popular agenda of being ethnocentric”

“Unfortunately, no one will be arrested. Even if arrested, the culprits won’t be jailed or have their properties seized or punished severely. This issue will be swept under the carpets, forever lost in the annals of our great country’s stupidity. We are our greatest enemies.”

“Going through this document one help but concretely believed that this fraud is a deliberate act to sniff life out of Niger Deltans. I just believed that in the face of these facts, the IMC needed to be shown the way out. This is a colossal looting of the common patrimony of ND”

“We set up unnecessary agencies and institiutions just to loot funds.”

“The same NDDC with a mission to correct the financial mess by the former board and the interim Executive Director Projects, Hon Cairo Ojugbo was criticising the former board of financial recklessness meanwhile their looting is mind blowing. NDDC is not beneficial to us.”

“Lol…What type of consultancy would cost 112 million Naira? They’re not even buying a pin, these guys have no conscience at all.”

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