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NANS Senate Leader escapes Death (PHOTOS)

by on July 24, 2017
It is with deep sense of melancholy and lugubriousness that the NANS Senate under the leadership of SALAM Oyejide produces this press statement.

The man of unrivaled repute and unparalleled motive for the liberation of Nigerian students on whom God has bestowed the leadership responsibility of the NANS Senate, SALAM Oyejide had encountered a fatal accident whilst pursuing the reinstatement of a Student’ Union leader who was recently expelled without lawful justification by the Management of Kwara State Polytechnic, KWARA.

The Senate President, SALAM Oyejide encountered a fatal accident alongside a comrade who as at the moment of production of this press statement has had a broken leg – whilst the Senate President himself had received very severe injuries.

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It acidly pains that a man who believes social sanity must be restored – justice must prevail –and many years of comrades’ dehumanization and victimization need be repaired had encountered a serious accident today.

It is a devastating blow to our faces that authorities of schools subject our students to poor welfare conditions – when students agitate – they get them thrown out of their schools – and in pursuing their liberties and freedoms – students risk being sent to an early grave on bad roads provided by the governments.

Give us freedom on campuses and we shall all have our rests. Give us freedom and we shall stop bombarding the media spaces with press statements. Give us freedom and we shall stop occupying the streets protesting and demonstrating for the entire world to see how wickedly we are treated on our campuses.

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The NANS Senate President Comrade SALAM Oyejide however blames and condemns the Rector, Kwara State Polytechnic, Kwara State, Mr. Moshood Elelu for this fatality – as it was in the process of reinstating Comrade Idi-Agbon whom had been unlawfully expelled under his watch that they encountered this fatal accident.

The NANS Senate President had however vowed not to kowtow in his powwow as all necessary mechanisms in his possession will be meticulously utilized to realize the reinstatement.

“We cannot receive this severe injuries and allow ourselves get defeated at the end. It is a battle that must be fought to the end – and victory must be achieved. Whether injustice is brought to the school authority concerned or they are brought to justice – justice must be achieved”, the NANS Senate President bemoaned.

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We urge Nigerian students and the entire good populace to assist our comrades with prayer for quickest recovery and the strength to re-strategize for and re-champion the struggles. We solemnly believe victory is certain. We are not going back, victory is certain. Yes, it is certainly certain.

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  • EM
    July 25, 2017 at 1:39 am

    What kind of undergraduates and graduates are the universities producing? They have such poor mastery of the English language to the extent that those in leadership positions like NANS don’t know the meaning of ‘Fatal’ or ‘Fatality’.


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