Nasarawa Mysterious Cross near Mosque; Police Set to forestall Breakdown of Law and Order

by on October 6, 2016
On Saturday last week, it was reported that residents of Assakio Development Area in Lafia, Nasarawa State were thrown into confusion following the sudden appearance of a strange cross that measured five feet, away from a central mosque in that community.
The mysterious sighting at­tracted a mammoth crowd from Assakio and its envi­rons with many praying for forgiveness of their sins and blessings. Our correspon­dent who visited the com­munity, observed that al­ready, the community which was deserted in the past due to the incessant religion and ethnic clashes have received an unprecedented visitors from different parts of the state and beyond, purposely to sight the mysterious cross, which was illuminated pro­jected on to the ground.
A 15 year-old-girl, Haja­ra Hussaini, who claimed to be the first person that sight­ed the cross at about 8pm on Wednesday, when she was sent on an errand by her par­ents.
She explained that when she saw a strange light, she was gripped by fear and rushed back home to alert her mother, Matan Liman.
According to her moth­er, Matan, she had sent her daughter to visit her grand­mother, when she sighted the cross while returning from the errand.
The Chief Imam of As­sakio Central Mosque, Mu­hammed Iliyasu, who con­firmed the incident, told our correspondent that the ap­pearance of the cross within the premises of the mosque was a revelation from God, affirming that “Jesus is also a prophet of God.”
Also confirming the inci­dent to our correspondent, Very Rev. Michael Dogo of the Evangelical Reform Church of Christ, Assakio, described the appearance of the cross as a sign of recon­ciliation in the community.
Other eyewitnesses who spoke to journalists at the scene expressed fear and be­wilderment on the strange development in the com­munity.
According to one Grace Eze, who resides in the Ashige area of the commu­nity, she got healed after vis­iting the scene of the cross.
“I underwent a surgery about two years ago after which I started to experience a movement in my body. But after praying before the cross, I got healed.”
Jonathan Amegwa on his part said he was over­whelmed by the appearance of the cross few meters from mosque.
The Nasarawa State Po­lice Commissioner, Abuba­kar Sadiq Bello, who also visited the scene of the mys­terious cross, told journalists that he visited to ensure that what has now become a na­tional discuss is not used as a means for religious unrest, as he has already instructed his men to be at alert in the event of eventuality. Sadiq Bello, cautioned against any intolerance between the two religions.

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    October 6, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Pls Remove That Cross From There Is Just a Devilish Conundrum, Jesus Had Never Die On The Cross, There Was Nothing Like Crucifixion, It Was Just Crucifiction, God Would Never Such Sadomasochistic Just Because He Want Forgive Human Sin, Pls! Obliterate That Drawing From There, We Couldn’t Be Easily Deceive By Such Gobbledygook For We Are Not Gullible, Remove That Stones And Sketched.


  • October 6, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Jesus christ is the lord. Christ refuse to take the goodnews to people around, so Jesus is doing it. May God forgive us christians to carry on with the gospel. Amen


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