Nawaz sharif’s political mistakes

Imran Khan trembles when he hears Nawaz Sharif's name

By: Maryam Hijab, Multan

“Imran Khan trembles when he hears Nawaz Sharif’s name”.

These words were uttered by the dearest daughter of PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz) president Nawaz Sharif in her speech in Azad Kashmir. The reaction of the people in response to this sentence was very interesting. Can this sentence ever be true? Nawaz Sharif is scared now that is why he is not daring to return home meanwhile he goes abroad for treatment.

Respected Nawaz Sharif, an old politician of Pakistan whom Allah has bestowed with power many times. But he could not do any significant work in his time except that he allowed Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan to detonate the atomic bomb.

Reasons of PMLN Downfall

  • One of the main reasons for the failure of PML-N is its digression from its statements. This has happened many times in history when PML-N took over the power. At first, the PML-N makes big promises but then they started taking u-turns from these promises.
  • As in the 2013 elections, Nawaz Sharif won by a three-quarters majority. At the time, they should not have repeated their past mistakes and also needed to correct them, but they did not do this.
  • He solved the problems of the people in the way that if he only solved one out of the ten problems. For example, he solved the problem of load shedding but did not pay attention to any other issue.
  • In the 2018 elections, the PML-N at first kept announcing its victory without hesitation, but later when the results came, Maryam Nawaz said: “Imran Khan stole Nawaz Sharif’s winning election.” It’s ridiculous to hear and say that. How can this happen?
  • The PML-N’s slogan “Respect the Vote” is now being used by not only the elders but also the children of the family-like Zainab, the youngest daughter of Suleiman Shahbaz.
  • These are just a few of the mistakes that proved to be the key to the decline of the PML-N:
  • In the economic division, Ishaq Dar artificially controlled the dollar by taking loans and stockpiling forgiven reserves. This damaged the value of the Pakistani rupee.
  • Gas pipeline agreement made with Iran during the PPP region was also shelved to buy expensively liquefied Gas.
  • PML-N did not pay attention to foreign affairs and only promote tourism.
  • PMLN did not pay any attention to the water crisis.
  • Agricultural reforms did not make better and the economy fell.

Solution to PMLN Problems:

The only solution to the mistakes made by PML-N is try to win back the trust of the people honestly. They should act truthfully in their statement, show the people dream that this party can fullfill.

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