#NcdcFailedKano: Kano Residents Complain About Neglect Following Rise in Covid-19 Cases

by on April 23, 2020

Kano state recently announced its first case of the deadly covid-19 virus, which has risen to 73 cases according to official reports from NCDC, to make matters worse, Kano’s only test center’s operations got suspended because it lacked some needs to carry out testing.

This has caused some anger online with the Kano internet community, who feel the NCDC channels more focus to states like Lagos, a state with 3 test centers and 20 sample collection sites.

Popular Arewa twitter influencer @waspappng_ tweeted

“ how can a whole kano state be having 1 test center and lagos almost 20?

Are the lives in Kano of little value to you guys(NCDC)?

Whichever way you look at it, its simply unfair and acceptable you must change that #NcdcFailedKano”

However, other twitter users have been quick to condemn these allegations against NCDC, citing the fact that the Lagos state runs most of its test centers and prepared itself for the pandemic better than Kano state.

Twitter user @mus6ey  said..

“kano state recorded 73 covid-19 cases and now testing suspended in the one and only test centre because they lack basic needs. Lagos has 3 test centers and 20 sample collection centers establish by the government..

Ganduje failed kano state”

NCDC has not responded to any of the complaints yet, Kano state currently has 73 cases as of 11:25pm 22nd april.

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