New Sex law could bite husbands

by on October 7, 2019

A new law on sex says your wife could cancel even in the middle of the act. If she says STOP you must oblige otherwise it becomes rape for which you can be jailed for years.

Many are of the opinion that will there be a pre-act consent form that couples will have to sign to serve as proof of willingness to “participate”? Plus, wouldn’t there be need for an adult to serve as witness during the signing of the pre-act form as well as the time a “participant changes their mind”?

While some feel it might be a redundant law. Not many women will smile at the prospect of their husbands/ boy friends being incarcerated.

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Some women are of differing opinions saying; The fact that men are so pressed about this law shows you how much they’ve been raping their partners without being held accountable and now it’s going to bite back!…one of the best laws I’ve seen in a while!..we needed this! Tik tok!🙃

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