Nigeria Jounalist Gets Death threats on Tweets about Kagame of Rwanda

by on November 10, 2019

A Nigerian journalist, David Hundeyin has raised alarm on the recent death threat he has been receiving from foreign numbers and he is crying out to prevent the inevitable judging from the disappearance of journalists who criticize President Kagame.

@DavidHundeyin took to his Twitter to outline the incident, read thread below;

Been getting dropped calls from strange foreign numbers and tweet threats since the article on Kagame was published.

Not that any of this was unexpected. FYI @PaulKagame, I am not scared of your dweeby, Dexter’s Lab looking ass.

I know the dropped calls are for installing spyware like Pegasus. I’m a journalist FGS, it’s my job to know all this stuff.

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Guess what? Join the queue. Nigerian intelligence already had me monitored long before you.


You are a tinpot dictator whose survival revolves around PR strategies. That’s why you hate dissent and criticism so much.

You rule a dirt poor banana republic, but you’d rather spend your foreign aid-funded budget on monitoring and harassing journalists.

Feel free to monitor my phone and listen to my calls, as like 3 Nigerian security agencies already do.

FYI, I spoke to @DavidHimbara for the first time in my life on Thursday.

Your paranoia is painting nonexistent pictures in the time-honoured tradition of 3rd world autocrats.

End of thread.

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