Nigeria Recently Acquired T-72 Tanks And Other Heavy Weaponry

by on February 10, 2015

The Boko Haram insurgents will have a lot more than just the combined multinational forces to worry about in the next few weeks, with the recent acquisition of 58 Units of T-72 Tanks (T-72M1 variant) by the Nigerian Government. The sale of the tanks amongst other military vehicles and weaponry were effected by a Czech company Excalibur Group led by a former Military armourer Pavel Strnad. In addition to the 58 Units of T72 tanks, they have also purchased and shipped into the country 16 units of military grade vehicles all being shipped in the Antonov 225, largest aircraft carrier in existence. According to military experts, with the contract a total cost of around 197Million Czechoslovakian koruna (8million USD) it is quite a bargain for the Nigerian Government.

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Source: hibe-online.com

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