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    Good notice by the deputy house of rep speaker that Nigeria role in the Ecowas and Africa at large never be recognized by other African country . I recall the outbreak of Ebola Virus and it was in record the outstanding role played by Nigerian medical profession in countries like Liberia, Sierra leone etc, not to mention the financial resources
    help these countries getting from Nigeria any time the need arise but sadly nothing to show Nigeria as appreciation. In fact country the President of Liberia Ghana insult Nigeria Government at will.Its time to focus on Nigerian problem first before the so call ECOWAS country Imagine country like Gambia that Nigeria always come to her help apart from the removal of ex president who refused to vacate seat after Suffered election defeat yet no respect ECOWAS member show for Nigeria. Lastly, Hon Sulaiman can never be more right as saying Nigeria does not need ECOWAS member countries as they needed us . Nigeria problem henceforth should and must come first before any other Africa nation because these countries does not care the ill health of Buhari or any Nigeria Problem but the only thing they always care about is financial aid from Nigeria records shows.I repeat From now forward Nigeria first and Nigeria can do without ECOWAS


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