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    Ask yourselves who is Afta ekweremadu, am sure ndigbo is not assuming it’s presidency or APC. Ekweremadu’s death is of no importance to APC or presidency, if truly there is an attack, I think ndigbo sud investigate his colleagues in PDP bcos Ekweremadu has taken ova d leadership of the party against the wish of some party members such as Uche Secondus, Olisa metuh etc

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      Sorry to say this mr seyi must be under the influence of something when he forgot we are talking about someones life here,what beggot of a triabalized moron you are based on ur race…isn’t how ur uncle MKO was cut short by ur slave masters…..awu ofemmanu …..do something better with your time if you are less busy

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    Lord cent

    Comment…islam and bokoharam is full of killins and bulshit may god punish them all ,,,,,,,,


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