Nigerian Army to open Cattle Ranches all over Nigeria – Buratai

by on December 21, 2016
The Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Tukur Buratai has said that the Nigerian Army would establish cattle ranches in almost all the divisions and brigades across the country.
Buratai who was repre­sented by the Chief of Army Logistics, Maj-Gen Patrick Akem, stated this on Tues­day at the Commission­ing of Mogadishu Canton­ment New Mammy Market (former Abacha Barracks), Abuja.
According to PRNigeria, the Army Chief disclosed that in keeping up with modern cattle rearing tradi­tion, he sent officers of the Army to Argentina to look at how cattle were reared.
“Argentina has a popu­lation of 41 million peo­ple, but it feeds about 400 million people around the world with its beef.
To take it to the next lev­el, we want to adopt a sys­tem where the cattle are not just free ranging com­ing from Sokoto to Port Harcourt, thereby making their meat tough to eat, the products will soon be com­ing from our own farms and ranches,” Buratai said.
He noted that he has cre­ated the Barrack Invest­ment Initiative as platform that affords Army family members the opportuni­ty of raising fishing ponds, vegetable gardens, fruits, livestock, chicken and their eggs.
He said that the inten­tion of the Nigerian Army was not just to secure the country, but to contribute in growing the economy of the nation.
He added: “We want to tell our wives that they can live beyond the sala­ries of their husbands, so we are trying to empower the women in the barracks to be able to form co-oper­atives, so as to access loans and to a large extent be able to fend for themselves and their families, even with­out the salaries of their hus­bands.
Meanwhile, the Com­mander Army Headquar­ters Garrison, Maj-Gen John Malu said that the formidable shopping edi­fice had over 2,000 shops, 27 warehouses and a print­ing press owned by the Ni­gerian Navy.
He added that the servic­es of a reputable private se­curity firm was contracted to handle the security of the market.

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  • Uwaoma, Chigozie
    December 21, 2016 at 11:41 am

    This is one of the reasons why everyone thinks that Buratai is having challenges with his brain…


  • chika
    December 21, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    they should focus on their primary job which is protecting the territorial boundary of the country from enemies.
    like Boko haram and shites. and leave the federal govt to do theirs.


  • ofi
    December 21, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    the nigerian army trying to fulanize Nigeria instead of protecting her . training soldiers to study animals nomadic islamitization into every part of d country rather than study the Nigeria terrain for an effective warhead and fighting the bokoharam menace in d north. wasting our resources for other countries while our economy ail . God help us. they can plan but will fail .


  • silas victor
    December 21, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Whether BRUTAL or Burutai, do one thing at a time. Fight the Boko Haramites first to a logical finality before any other thing. Stop distracting yourself or Nigerians with cattle ranging or something.
    Unless you want to show us another way of re-enacting the failed Grazing bill – which is a nothern agenda. Or you want to show us the actual owners of the cows, the herdsmen’s directors and perpetrators of the herdsmen onslaught in sacking communities with AK47 and other higher fire powers in the south. Then, you can go ahead.


  • marcel orazulike
    September 30, 2017 at 10:07 am

    Stupid interfering


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