Nigerian Broadcasting Commision To Make Exclusive Programming Illegal

by on June 10, 2020

The Nigerian Broadcasting Commision (NBC) is set to make exclusive programming illegal, which will force sub-licensing of content and could lead to price regulation in the media according to Jason Njoku, founder Iroko.

According to Jason, the proposed term will make zero sense for private media operators like Iroko, Netflix Nigeria, Africa Magic, Silverbird and others.

” or any other platform or Independent production house to invest in local content…zero sense. No consultation ..no thought nothing”.

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He later criticised Nigerian economic policy under President Buhari which some have labbeled as borderline socialist.

” This our champagne socialism and zero input style of policy making is the reason Nigeria is stunted in everything” he added.

” I invest billions Naira in content ,then I am compelled to share at everyone else as NBC sets a price”.

The new law demand private broadcasters to allot a minimum of 20% weekly broadcasts hours to public service programmes.

The rule also demands ” no prime foriegn sports content shall be transmitted in the Nigerian territory unless the owners of such content has also acquired prime local sports content”.

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Critics say this may force prime network tv operators to half further investments into Nigerian entertainment.

Vanguard reprinted that ” the four platforms ( Netflix, Amazon, Iroko, Africa Magic) have been forced to consider discontinuation of investments in Nigeria because of the 6th broadcast code recently”.

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