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    Alfred, Aye Alfred

    Executive decisions are usually absolute, especially when there is a seeming interest upon the issue such decisions were taken, whereas, certain decisions against individuals by the laws of the land are modest. However, there is always something someone must think about whether to be absolute or tow the line of the law. If one becomes modest according to the law, it pays and reciprocates comically. Can Buhari’s family enjoy his good works after leaving office or eventually dies? Will he ever be paid in a good coin or can everyone see his decisions as better ones after leaving office? No one can be more a Nigerian than any other Nigerian, therefore Buhari should not think he is a better Nigerian than Dasuki whose legitimate rights are daily robbed of him by the former. Mr Buahri, please do you ever consider what the future holds for or against you which might draw inferences from your previous actions? Would you like to say that you can be an island? Please, kindly think twice!


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