Nigerian Researcher Wins $234,000 Grant For Virtual Reality Programme

by on July 21, 2020

Nigerian researcher, from the Lagos Business school, Dr. Eugene Ohu, has recently won a grand fee of $234,000 for the virtual Reality Project carried out in the School.

This confirmation was made on the School’s website, stating that Dr. Ohu was issued the grant, prior to the conduct of a two year virtual reality research with the title Teaching Children Empathy and Compassion through the Virtual Reality Games.

According to the School’s site, “the project will seek to explore further the potentials of Virtual Reality and its role in developing a person’s character. The money was awarded to Dr. Ohu by the Templeton World Charity Foundation’s (TWCF), Global Innovations for Character Development (GICD).

Dr. Ohu was quoted by the site stating that “the virtual reality will be one of a kind that will offer teenagers the opportunity to perceive differently various ethnic groups, so to identify partake in their sufferings”.

“The project also will be hoping to also accomplish the feat of training researchers at the school on the models of virtual reality, in a way of incorporating them towards the Civics and Social studies curriculum of secondary Schools”, he added

Dr. Ohu’s project is targeting teenagers who make up for most population of the country and explore the limitless capabilities that the virtual reality experience is yet set to offer.

The Templeton World Charity Foundation has been known to fund scientific discoveries and provide the assistance to humans who seeks to give meaning to rather confusing phenomenon.

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