Nigerians Are Enablers Of Buhari’s Bad Policies, They Fight For God, But Can’t Fight For Themselves- Kperogi

by on September 5, 2020

A newspaper columnist and Associate Professor of Journalism, Farooq Kperogi has decribed Nigerians as enablers of President Muhammadu Buhari’s bad polices, because of their inability to defend themselves against Buhari’s deliberate and violent attempt to deprive them of basic things accrued to them as rights of citizens in the country.

Kperogi who was reacting to the recent hikes in the prices of essential commodities in the country, in a thread on twitter he revealed that it has become difficult for him to empathise with Nigerians, going by their response to government unfavorable actions towards the people.

According to him, how can one rationalise the fact that, a nation full of people being oppressed by their leaders would rather call for the blood of their fellow human who allegedly blasphemed against God, yet will begin to seek for God’s intervention for bad leaders.

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It’s ironic that they can choose to fight for God not for themselves, ultimately, this shows that the people deserve the leaders they have, he added .

He said, “The same Nigerians who fly into a tempestuous holy rage and ask for the blood of their fellow humans when their God is “blasphemed” are the same people who’re asking for their God’s intervention instead of acting.

“Now that Buhari is determined to kill them piecemeal through cruel hikes in the prices of everything essential to existence. They kill fellow humans in defense of their God but ask God to defend them against a man who is killing them by other means and looking the other way while kidnappers and terrorists periodically murder them in the hundreds.

“If you have the capacity to defend God, shouldn’t you have even more capacity to defend yourself since self-preservation is said to be the first law of nature? Or is “God-preservation” and self-annihilation the first law of nature in Nigeria?

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“If God, with his omnipotent powers, can’t deal with blasphemers on his own but needs your defense, why and how do you think he can defend you against a man who’s–or men who’re– smoldering you?

“Nigerians aren’t victims of Buhari; they’re willing participants in and enablers of his vicious asphyxiation of Nigeria. There’s nothing that he’s doing now that he hasn’t been doing since at least 2016.

“That’s why it’s difficult to empathize with Nigerians. Ultimately, people deserve the leaders they have”, he added.

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